Thursday, February 18, 2010

Elmo on the brain

I had so many grand ideas for my daughters 2nd Birthday. I think I'd watched one too many episodes of Super Sweet Sixteen. Anyway I knew Elmo would be the theme of the party. That was the easy part. I wanted to do a cupcake tower, Elmo cookies, and Elmo Cake Pops(curse you Needless to say I had to cut it down. Sheet cake, cookies, and cake pops. You might say, "Cakepops? I don't see any cakepops." I got all the stuff assembled. I knew how this was going to go since I made a test cake pop a few weeks prior just to get a feel for it. But I guess I got a little too cocky and I don't know what happened but if I had served them to the little kiddies there would have been more tears than smiles. Trust me. The only other mishap that I suffered through was with the elmo cake. I ended up running out of red frosting in the middle of filling Elmo in. So I made more red frosting and continued to fill in Elmo but once the cake set for a few hours there was a clear difference in the two frostings. One was much darker than the other and Elmo looked like he had sunburn. But hey lesson learned. Still delicious. I think I'll be dreaming about Elmo for awhile though.

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  1. Ain't she cute. I finally found your blog. Girl I am not on the computer alot so this blogging and facebook etc.. is not me. I will keep up with it because you are family and I support you and you are doing a magnificent job with your cakes.
    My daughter and I were at this birthday party and enjoyed the cake and individually wrapped cookies.
    She has such talent/
    Love you Cuz