Thursday, February 18, 2010

Elmo on the brain

I had so many grand ideas for my daughters 2nd Birthday. I think I'd watched one too many episodes of Super Sweet Sixteen. Anyway I knew Elmo would be the theme of the party. That was the easy part. I wanted to do a cupcake tower, Elmo cookies, and Elmo Cake Pops(curse you Needless to say I had to cut it down. Sheet cake, cookies, and cake pops. You might say, "Cakepops? I don't see any cakepops." I got all the stuff assembled. I knew how this was going to go since I made a test cake pop a few weeks prior just to get a feel for it. But I guess I got a little too cocky and I don't know what happened but if I had served them to the little kiddies there would have been more tears than smiles. Trust me. The only other mishap that I suffered through was with the elmo cake. I ended up running out of red frosting in the middle of filling Elmo in. So I made more red frosting and continued to fill in Elmo but once the cake set for a few hours there was a clear difference in the two frostings. One was much darker than the other and Elmo looked like he had sunburn. But hey lesson learned. Still delicious. I think I'll be dreaming about Elmo for awhile though.

Sugar cookies with royal icing.

My very first cake order! Triple Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Buttercream all covered in fondant.
I was even given complete control over this cake. I was just told that it was for a man and to use the colors blue and yellow. I added the fondant curly cues and it was a huge hit.

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting. I wanted to try this mosaic tile design and it was a pain in the you know what.

1/2 Sheet Cake. One side Triple Chocolate Cake and the other Butter Cake. All covered in Cream Cheese Frosting. Fondant Flower decorations.

Six inch cake and cupcakes for my Grandmother's 81st B'day. So when I was young, my grandmother was known for her Caramel cake recipe. So to pay homage, I found a delicious Caramel buttercream recipe. It was so good. This one was Butter Cake but now I'm imagining Triple Chocolate Cake with this Caramel icing. Makes me want a Snickers.

Flowers for the Lady.

This cake is not one of my favorites, but everyone that sees it, loves it. I wanted it to look more organic and natural. You know. Like an actual pot of flowers. Anyway. I baked the cake in a six inch round pan and the leftover batter in an oven proof bowl. I attached the two with skewers and carved the cake down a bit with a sharp knife. But the top of the cake was still a little too full so I continued to carve and the top came out way too flat. The cake is pretty angular and the flowers are generic but delicious non the less. Yellow cake with Chocolate Buttercream.